Lose Weight Washing Your Car

You want to lose weight and have a car. Give it a wash!

Everyone who owns a car loves having one and would have trouble doing without it. Most car owners like to see their cars clean and shiny.

Some people take their car to the car wash but this takes time or they forget to or can't be bothered. If you are trying to lose weight, wash your car yourself. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and I can assure you it will help you to burn some calories. Try to make the job more involved. Wash your car using lots of water, use soap, rinse it off, dry it and then make your car shine by putting on some polish. Keep yourself upright on both feet without putting your weight on only one hip. This activity lasts 30 minutes, the time it takes to do a session at the gym but here at least you have a goal, you are doing something useful with a purpose that involves you. Also, if you really apply yourself--you will have burned between 350 and 400 calories!