Exercise While Brushing Teeth

For those of you who think brushing your teeth feels like a waste of time, turn it into a useful moment by burning up 30 calories each time you brush.

If you are one of these people who brush their teeth twice a day feeling that it's time wasted, here's a way to make the time more attractive by burning up 30 calories each time you brush. Stand in front of your sink with your toothbrush ready to go. Start brushing your teeth and while doing so, bend your knees slightly so that you lower your pelvis by 5 inches and then stand up again immediately without a pause. This up and down movement is like a piston or spring working. The rhythm is 2 ups and downs per second. Use this time to really brush your teeth from top to bottom on the insides and outsides and do your tongue as well. If you do this properly, this should take you 1 minute per side. The muscles you're using -- the quadriceps in your thighs, are your body's biggest calorie burners, brushing your teeth like this makes you burn up the equivalent of half a fruit yogurt. Do it 2 to 3 times a day after a meal so that you slim down easier with a great smile.