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Pierre Dukan has developed a one-of-a-kind online coaching programme to make his famous diet even more effective. An innovative support platform ensures the long-term success of your weight by providing personalised counselling and daily monitoring as you work towards your goal and stabilise your True Weight.

Customised, one-on-one counselling: your best weapon against excess weight

Embarking on a diet by yourself is a huge challenge, as you struggle with obesity, society, your body and yourself. The fight to recover the figure you deserve is too often lost. Eight out of ten people who begin a diet regain the weight they lose within the year.

This is an inacceptable trend. Pierre Dukan created the coaching service to help you shed unwanted pounds once and for all. Our daily counselling feature is our greatest strength. You are never alone in your efforts. Subscribe to our unique coaching programme and take charge of your health!

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1. Personalised, direct counselling

Dukan Diet coaching is the only programme that offers truly personalised counselling throughout the duration of your diet. We ensure long-term success by adjusting the diet to your profile and lifestyle. Members begin by calculating their True Weight and providing answers to 80 personal questions which are then used to establish your diet plan. Instructions are updated daily based on the reports you send in.

2. One-on-one guidance and daily updates

The Dukan coaching programme is centred on a unique, patented system called Daily Email Return Technology. Every evening, members fill out a progress report. This information is used to create detailed and personalised instructions, which they receive the next morning.
Start every morning on the right foot and achieve your goals using the daily advice and support we provide on nutrition, willpower and exercise.

3. Slimming headquarters and coaching tools

Your individualised Slimming Headquarters includes a personal office, kitchen, lounge, fitness room and bathroom. This online space offers an exclusive range of useful tools and over 800 Dukan recipes:

Online coaching Dukan

4. Support that helps you slim – and stay that way

Our unique and comprehensive coaching programme is based on the first three phases of the Dukan Diet to help you achieve and consolidate your True Weight. Our payment plan is not a monthly subscription that lets you down right when you need help the most. A diet is only successful if you don’t regain what you’ve lost. For that reason, the cost of your personalised diet plan is set according to your True Weight Assessment. If it takes you longer to reach your True Weight, we provide you additional support by extending your membership at no extra cost. Once you’ve completed the programme, you can sign up for the stabilisation phase.

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Weight loss results may vary.

Dieting is a serious decision – ask your doctor for help.


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