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6 Reasons to do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 

Are you following the Dukan diet and having trouble losing weight?

Secret minceur : le HIIT

The secret is simple :

 HIIT or High Intesity Interval Training is the specific term for physical activity that consists of a particular type of training:  alternating bursts of high energy training for a short periods of rest more or less active.
Norwegian scientists have proven the advantages of this type of weight loss technique. For example: push ups (either modified by doing them on the knees depending on your physical activity level), jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, etc. are all considered good HIIT exercises.  

Discover the 6 reasons to do HIIT :

1 – Short, efficient sessions to optimise weight loss

HIIT is ideal for those who don't have a lot of time for physical activity.
You can easily allocate a small amount of time in your day to do HIIT : 15 minutes, 3 times a day will allow you to optimise both weight loss and your physical condition – and thus allow you to maintain a low body fat index.  

2 - Increased energy expenditure, loss of fat in the optimized time

Energy expenditure is increased when doing HIIT. Furthermore, 24 hours after a session, you will continue to burn calories, which helps optimize fat loss, a major advantage for weight loss.

3 – Increased heart rate capacity 

HIIT has the advantage of raising your heart rate to the point that you might not reach before. A study published July 6, 2006 in the Journal of Physiology found that after 8 weeks of HIIT, physical performance was improved: A key point in the fight against cardiovascular disease.

4 – An easy-to-follow exercise because it requires no equipment 

No need to have special equipment to do HIIT. Thus, running, squats, jumps and other exercises without equipment can track HIIT sessions at any time and in any place, without special equipment, including when you are movement

5 – An anti-aging action for better resistance

HIIT is a 100% winning concept! The secretion of growth hormone (GH) is strongly stimulated by HIIT both during andafter exercise. This hormone helps maintain lean body mass (muscle), improve fatigue resistance and also has an anti-aging action..

6- A motivating challenge!

Since HIIT is an intense activity over a short period of time, it's important to be 100% implicated when doing the exercises. Each session is a new challenge that increase general motiviation!  

No more excuses that you don't have enough time for physical activity: start HIIT now and don't forget the winning combo of less time and more efficiency!
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