Interactive Weight Loss Coaching


We have coached around half a million people struggling with weight gain throughout the world and we have some encouraging statistical data from those who have followed the diet.  

With the book
58 %  reached their True Weight

With the coaching
70 % reached their True Weight by the set date 
20 % reached their weight after the set date 
= 90 % of people who join our online coaching reach their True Weight 

14 fundamental advantages that Dukan Coaching offers:

  1. Daily support, specific instructions and guidance to help achieve your goals
  2. Help and tips for "breaking" long and challenging diet plateaus
  3. Precise instructions on a day-to-day basis that steer you away from making bad choices
  4. Guidance for lapses, correcting diet mishaps and changing bad habits
  5. Prescribed physical activities 
  6. Reassurance to stay on track if you have swayed 
  7. We offer dietary alternatives and solutions in case a food on the diet is unavailable 
  1. After finishing the diet, you continue to receive support, protection alerts to stay on track
  2. At any moment you can call our dieticians if you have any questions or moments of weakness
  3. You receive pertinent information regarding any personal health issues you may have
  4. You are part of a supportive community which never leaves you astray and is there to help you at any moment
  5. Access to an interactive weight graph that charts you weight loss progress
  6. You can stay in the stabilisation phase for as long as you wish
  7. In stabilisation, you can take advantage of our alerts and calibrated responses

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Dukan Diet 2: Nutritional Staircase

The new Dukan diet
thats flexible and easy
to follow!

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for you?

Online coaching is dieticians at your disposal to help you daily. More than 800 tasty recipes for any day of the week.