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General conditions of use for Régime Coaching SAS

The website www.dukandiet.co.uk is managed by Régime Coaching, a limited liability company registered in France by the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 825 167 331, with its registered office at

DietLab SAS

26 rue Vignon
75009 PARIS

Regime Coaching has the VAT number: FR22825167331.

Regime Coaching is registered as a data controller for the purposes of the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, as amended by the Act of 6 August 2004. Our registration number on the register of data controllers maintained by the CNIL is 1433399.

If you have any queries about how Regime Coaching uses your personal data please contact us at This email address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The general conditions of use herein (the "General Conditions") govern the relations between you and the company Régime Coaching. They define the way in which you will be able to use the Site and the services proposed in the Site by Régime Coaching (the "Services")

The site is hosted by:

7 rue de la grande Ourse
95800 CERGY

Dukan Diet customer service can be reached by e-mail at This email address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please read the contents of this document carefully before accessing or using the Site and Services.

1- Acceptance of the general conditions for use

By accessing or using our Site, you accept the terms of the General Conditions herein. If you do not wish to be subject to these General Conditions, you are not authorised to access or use the Site or Services. In this case, we would ask you to cease any use of the Site or Services.
Régime Coaching SAS may change the General Conditions at any time, and any modifications shall be effective immediately.Users are thus advised to refer to them regularly.

2- Description of the Services – orders - delivery

Régime Coaching SAS provides its users with Services designated as follows:

  • An online coaching programme, consisting of the first 3 phases of the Dukan method, delivered periodically, and proposals for customised menus according to your profile and objectives (the "Programme"). Within this framework, by subscribing to our Services, users have access to a personal space and monitoring tools, and will periodically receive one or more customised e-mails enabling them to start or continue their Programme.
  • Community tools (discussion forums) will enable users to obtain additional information.

An optional service will also be offered to you in the so-called "stabilisation" phase once you have finished your programme.

This description of the Services proposed is neither comprehensive nor final, and Régime Coaching reserves the right to change the procedures for implementing the Service or to add services or new characteristics, with the sole aim of improving the quality of the services on offer.

To place an order, you just need to answer the questions asked by our nutritionist, and then create an account. On the basis of this information, the length of your customised Coaching Programme will be sent to you immediately, together with the price for this Programme. If you accept this Programme, you must then immediately pay for it according to the procedures described in article 3 below.

To benefit from the Services, users need to have access to the Internet, either directly or via systems with access to the content distributed on the Internet. Connection costs are exclusively borne by the users. In addition, it is the users' responsibility to provide themselves with the necessary equipment, including a computer, modem or any other connection tool.

The Programme is drawn up for a specific period calculated according to your requirements. It is not possible to delay the start of the Programme, because once your payment is validated and you have completed the personal assessment questionnaire, your Programme begins and may under no circumstances be interrupted or modified, so as to remain compliant with the initial estimate registered.

If you interrupt or stop the ongoing programme for any reason (such as pregnancy, illness, holidays and so on), no refund may be granted to you. Likewise, any sums in respect of this Programme that are not yet paid (because of the system of payment in three instalments at no charge) shall remain due.

3- Payment methods and security

The Services are only available after users have made their payment. Credit card and Paypal online payment method is proposed and users accept the financial and invoicing conditions by buying the Service for a flat rate. Payment must be made in full by users in order to receive delivery of the Service.

Régime Coaching reserves the right to change the price of its Services at any time and without communicating the reason to users, it being stipulated that prices will remain unchanged for any contracts currently under way.

All the payment solutions proposed provide optimum conditions of security and confidentiality. Régime Coaching reserves the right to permanently or temporarily cancel, suspend or modify any of the payment conditions proposed, at any time and without communicating the reason to users, in order to improve the quality of its Services.

In the case where payment in 3 installments is refused, the total of the amount remaining will be reclaimed from the user and coaching services will be suspended until payment has been received. In this case, Regime Coaching holds the right to invoice the user for the amount due. 

Service and subscription rates:

The Services are accessible only through the acceptance and payment of a flat rate, variable for each user according to their profile and objectives, and the length of the Programme. The total cost of the Services is indicated clearly on the Site, it being stipulated that it will not exceed one (1) pound per day. The length of the Services is also indicated clearly on the Site.

Service subscription procedure:

In order to benefit from the services, the user must:

  1. have internet access: the costs associated with the connection being exclusively taken care of by the user
  2. a computer, modem or other mode of connection

To place an order, you need to answer the questions from our nutritionist and to create an account. Based on this information, the length of your programme will be indicated as well as the cost of the membership.
If you accept our programme, you will need to proceed to the payment step according to article 4 indicated below.
All orders will be confirmed by email by our services.

The retraction form is available online here

4- Guarantee of total satisfaction and retraction period :

The Customer has the right to withdraw and refuse the Services for seven (7) clear days from the date of placing and confirmation of the Order, in accordance with the provisions of Article L 121-20 of the Consumer Code.

The Customer may, within seven (7) days following the placing of the Order, exercise his right of retraction by completing the retraction form and sending it by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt to the address:

Dietlab, 26 rue Vignon - 75009 Paris (Coaching Accounting Department)

However, in accordance with Article L 121-20-2, 1° of the French Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal may not be exercised if the Customer has accessed the Services concerned on his own initiative or has begun to use them before the expiry of the withdrawal period referred to in the above-mentioned Article L 121-20.

In the event of timely withdrawal, the Customer's Subscription will be refunded by any means of payment within fifteen (15) days of the Company's receipt of the Customer's request to exercise the right of withdrawal, provided that the online coaching service has not been started by the Customer.

5- Communication of personal data and protection of privacy

Personal data that users are asked to provide to Régime Coaching on its site, such as their surname, first name and electronic or postal address, are processed by Régime Coaching for the sole purpose of managing the provision of their Services and/or answering any questions you may put to them. These personal data are processed according to the principles of confidentiality and the protection of privacy, in compliance with the regulations in force, and will be transferred to no third parties.

We would remind you that in accordance with the provisions of articles 39 and 40 of the French Data Protection act of 6 January 1978, as amended by the act of 6 August 2004, you have the right to access and correct personal information concerning you. You can also oppose its processing for legitimate reasons. However, in the latter case, we would draw your attention to the fact that you may not or may no longer benefit from the Services.

You can exercise these rights by contacting us by post at the following address:
Dukan Diet UK - Administration Service
26 rue Vignon
75009 PARIS

6- Users' commitments

Users shall communicate all necessary information to take care of all orders.

Users are responsible for all consequences from transmitting false or inexact information.

Users shall undertake not to sell the Services or use them for commercial purposes.

Users shall undertake not to use the Site or Services for illegal purposes, and notably not to transmit messages contrary to public order or accepted standards of behaviour, or any defamatory comments or elements jeopardising the privacy of third parties; and not to transmit information that could harm the rights of Régime Coaching or the other users in any way.

Users shall undertake to guarantee and pay damages potentially accrued to Régime Coaching when using their services and/or by violating the current terms and conditions.

Testimonials and Photos:

By sharing any testimonials or photos on dukandiet.co.uk, the User authorises the following rights to the company:

1.) The rights to stock, share and reproduce the testimonials and photos and any information associated with it, notably on the website and any site associated with the company, in addition to utilising to any database.

2.) The user undertakes to accept that Régime Coaching can utilise a part or all of the testimonials, information and photos received and to modify as need be (such as adding a logo, reframing, reworking the image).

This authorisation is valid worldwide for a period of 10 years counting the day of publication of the photos. The User has the right to retract any testimonial or information provided at any moment by sending a letter addressed to Régime Coaching.

7 - Important Advisory

The use of the services, including the customised slimming coaching programme, is reserved for people in good physical and psychological health. In the event of any doubt, users are recommended to consult their general practitioner BEFORE registering.

Our online coaching service is not recommended for vegetarian people.
The menus do not take into account vegetarian particularities.

Please note that this diet is NOT suitable for the following persons:

  • Pregnant and/or breastfeeding women
  • suffering from chronic diseases
  • suffering from diabetes
  • suffering from eating disorders

When paying, users affirm that they are not affected by any of the following cases: insulin dependent diabetes, eating disorders, cardiac insufficiency, renal insufficiency, subject to a current major depression, current pregnancy, current breastfeeding, being a vegetarian.

Under NO circumstances may any of the reasons indicated above be accepted in a request for cancellation outside the retraction period (more than 14 days after the purchase date).

Users make use of the site and services at their sole responsibility, whatever their state of health at the time they register, and throughout their use of the services.

Régime Coaching SA's medical liability may not therefore be incurred in any manner whatsoever.

8 - Indemnification

Users shall undertake to guarantee and indemnify Régime Coaching against any damage, complaint or claim coming from third parties concerning Régime Coaching, their use of the Site and/or Services, the infringement of the General Conditions herein or the rights of other persons.

9- Guarantees

Users shall acknowledge and accept that:
- Services are delivered as is, and are accessible according to availability. In this respect, Régime Coaching provides no guarantee as to any interrupted functioning of the Site or Services. Notably, Régime Coaching may not under any circumstances be held responsible for the following, included but not limited to:

  • the improper transmission and /or receipt of any data and/or information on the Internet,
  • the failure of any receiving equipment or communication lines,
  • any loss of data,
  • any routing problems
  • any damage caused to users' computers,
  • any dysfunction in the Internet network or more generally any technical fault preventing the proper functioning of the Site and/or the proper running of the Services.
  • Régime Coaching SAS does not guarantee that its services will perfectly fulfil user's requirements, or that any results obtained will be precise.

As Régime Coaching is only bound by a best-endeavours obligation, it may be not held responsible if a user fails to achieve the anticipated results, including as regards weight loss.

10 - Limitation of responsibility

You must not use the information provided on the site to formulate a diagnosis, or determine a treatment or the taking of medication (and/or its suspension) without previously consulting a general practitioner or specialist.

The site and services may under no circumstances replace a medical examination in the field of dietetics. The site is merely a site providing information on nutrition and diet. Under no circumstances may the information and services proposed in this site be used to draw up a medical diagnosis concerning your weight or health. The information given in this site can never replace an examination by a general practitioner, specialist or any other health professional.

Furthermore, the recommendations contained in the Site may not be suited to people who are following a particular diet prescribed by a doctor, in the context of a specific pathology (as with patients with diabetes, gluten intolerance or a celiac disease, a food allergy and certain renal diseases) or pregnancy.

You shall acknowledge that the information provided is neither comprehensive nor exhaustive, and that this information does not cover all the various symptoms, medicines and treatments appropriate to the pathologies or various daily aches and pains that may concern you. You shall accept that the use of the Site and Services takes place under your sole and entire responsibility, control and management.
Consequently, Régime Coaching may not be held responsible:

  • for any direct or indirect damage of any kind resulting from the use or impossibility of using its Services.
  • for costs arising from the acquisition of substitute goods or services resulting from the use of the Services.
  • for any direct or indirect damage of any kind following a declaration by a third party on the Service.

The Site may contain images and links to websites managed by third parties ("Partner Sites"). Régime Coaching has no control over Partner Sites and assumes no responsibility as to their content, nor the content of links shown in Partner Sites, or any modifications or updates made to a Partner Site. Régime Coaching is not responsible for distribution via the Web or any other form of transmission received from a Partner Site, or even if the Partner Site(s) function badly. These links are only proposed to you by Régime Coaching for your convenience, and the insertion of a link does not imply that Régime Coaching approves of the content of said Partner Sites or that there is any association between Régime Coaching and the operators of these Partner Sites. It shall be your responsibility to view any charters relating to the protection of privacy displayed on Partner Sites, and their conditions of use, and to comply with same.

Interactive services (forums, etc.)
All the provisions of the General Conditions herein shall apply to any participation in the interactive services available on the Site. It is therefore imperative to respect all the laws and regulations in force. In this respect, users shall be considered as solely responsible for the information, messages, images and generally speaking any content distributed via the interactive services of the Site, including the forum.

Users shall also accept that Régime Coaching may take the initiative, without prior notification, to delete, in part or in whole, any content that it distributes or that is sent to it via the interactive services if this content could infringe the laws and regulations in force or flout accepted standards of behaviour or if it obviously and intentionally aims to harm the site.

Any disputes must be indicated by means of a standard or registered letter and submitted to the competent department for processing. In this respect, users shall undertake to desist from distributing within the interactive services proposed any messages of an offensive, insulting, disparaging or degrading nature or which have no connection with the questions addressed.

11- Ownership rights

Users shall acknowledge and accept that the content of the Site and Services, including but not limited to texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, videos, drawings and other material contained in the Site and/or Services and/or in any communication addressed by Régime Coaching to the users are protected by intellectual property rights, brand rights, patent rights and any other right recognised by the laws in force. Users are not authorised to copy, use, reproduce, distribute or create works derived from the content of Régime Coaching's services (www.dukandiet.co.uk or any Dukan official website from other countries)

Users may formulate comments concerning the Site and/or Services. The content of any feedback sent to Régime Coaching shall be considered non-confidential and free of all rights. Régime Coaching may freely use the ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in these communications for information, without restriction, for reproducing and disclosing any information to third parties.

12- Notification

All notifications from users concerning the General Conditions herein, the Site or Services must be made in writing, and can be sent by post to the following address:

DietLab SAS
Dukan Diet UK - Administration Service
26 rue Vignon
75009 PARIS  

13- Games and competitions

  1. Occasionally, Régime Coaching and its partners may propose games or competitions and promotions on their sites.
  2. These promotions are open to everyone, except employees of Régime Coaching and anyone who has participated in the direct or indirect devising of the game, together with their families. In some cases, participation may be limited to users who have reached the age of eighteen (18) (depending on the type of promotion).
  3. Each user who completes a test and indicates a valid e-mail address, within the time limits allowed before the draw, will be granted one participation in the draw.
  4. There is no limit to the number of participations authorised for each user. All participations must be received and validated during the promotional period indicated (as shown in the promotion details).
  5. The draw is carried out electronically.
  6. The prize awarded to the winner will be delivered as soon as possible. The winner shall agree to accept the prize as announced. No compensation or financial equivalent may be sought by the winner(s).
  7. Winners will be informed of their wins by e-mail. The winner(s) shall expressly authorise at no charge the use and distribution of their names and details on the occasion of every advertising or promotional campaign on the Internet or publications in the press on any support.
  8. The fact of participating in the draw entails acceptance of the rules. If they are not in agreement with the rules, users are asked to contact Régime Coaching, using the Contact link provided for the purpose on the Site, to request their withdrawal from the list of participants.

14- Miscellaneous

The General Conditions herein constitute the entire agreement made between Régime Coaching and the user as concerns the use of the Site and Services, and replaces any agreement on the same subject that may have previously taken place between the user and Régime Coaching.

The General Conditions herein are governed by the laws of England and Wales if You live in England or Wales or if You live in Scotland, Scottish law shall apply. Any dispute shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the United Kingdom.

If any of the stipulations of these General Conditions is deemed illicit or inapplicable by any competent court, it shall be considered as deleted and shall not affect the validity of the other stipulations.