How to Start The Dukan Diet

How to start the Dukan Diet? Discover tips for starting the Dukan Diet. Planning and organisation will help you successfully lose weight.

Starting the Dukan Diet

Getting started Dukan Diet

Discover the essential steps in starting the Dukan Diet:

1. Calculate your True Weight on our website. This will help determine your goal weight, show your personalised programme, including the length and the amount of weight loss goals for the first 3 phases of the Dukan Diet.

2. Decide what reasons motivate you to lose weight. You must be the one taking that step. Write down the sources of motivation that will help you to achieve your goal and stick to your challenge.

3. Talk to your doctor first, who will advise you about your approach, starting with a complete check-up (blood work, blood pressure, stress test, etc…)

4. Talk to your friends and family and take the time to explain the importance of their support while you’re on the diet. They will be your weight loss allies. Join the coaching on our site in order to participate in the forum and interact with other community members.

5. Decide your start date, Monday for example! This is the key that will set you on the path to weight loss and change.

6. Remove all temptations from your kitchen and stock it with the Dukan Diet allowed foods only. Go through your pantry, cupboards and refrigerator and add the 100 allowed foods. Another tip: Do your grocery shopping on a full stomach, so you won’t be tempted to buy foods that are not allowed.

7. Decide how you want to follow the Dukan Diet: Alone, with The Dukan Diet book, with one (or more) close friends or family members, with the Dukan community and its Dukanians or with the official online Dukan coaching programme. Find out why Dukan coaching is the best choice. Choose serenity!

If you have followed these 7 steps, then you are ready to begin the Dukan diet. You have the green light to start the Attack phase.