Calculate Your BMI

Body Mass index (BMI) is the theoretical evaluation of your health and weight specifically for your build. It allows to identifiy excess weight and obesity in adults and the risks associated, according to standards set by the World Health Organisation. The BMI is only a proxy indicator because it does not take into account muscle and bone mass. 
Do you know how to calculate your BMI? It is the ratio between your weight (W) in kg and the sqaured of your height (H) in metres. 

IMC = W/H²

Grab a calculator and calculate your BMI now. 

The World Health Organisation BMI versus the Dukan True Weight calculation 

The BMI is not taking into account in the framework of the Dukan method because beyond your wieght and height parameters, the history of your weight throughout your lifetime is taken into account and used to calculate your True Weight in order to adjust your weight loss goal according to your personal situation. 

The World Health Organisation (1998) adopted the following classification for BMI:

BMI (kg/m²)
Risks of comorbidity
(Disorders related to a primary pathology)
Low risk
Normal weight
18.5 - 24.9
Low risk 
25 - 29.9
Moderate risk 
Moderate obesity (class I)
30 - 34.9
Increased risk 
High obesity (class II)
35 - 39.9
Serious risk 
Morbidly obese (class III)
≥ 40
Very dangerous (or severe) risk

This BMI classification is only valid for adults.

Overcome excess weight and obesity with the Dukan Diet 

If you fall in the "overweight" or "obese" category in the BMI classification, take control of your health and well being with the Dukan Diet and opt for a diet program that takes into account your personal history to help you lose weight permanently. 

Calculated your BMI ? Now it's time to calculate your True Weight.

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