how to stabilise your weight permanently

Pierre Dukan believes that the reason why the fight against weight problems is currently being lost is mostly to do with both patients and doctors failing to take stabilisation of the weight they attain seriously. As early as 1990, Pierre Dukan introduced a permanent stabilisation phase into his original method, now referred to as the "Standard" method. Our coaching service covers stabilisation at a token cost so that we keep you with us for as long as possible.

The stabilisation phase: permanent and for the rest of your life

To demonstrate just how committed we are to this phase that all too often gets overlooked, we pride ourselves on retaining our successful members for a token fee, regardless of how their weight goes up or down and especially if they put some or even all of it back on. The cost of this "stabilisation coaching", the weekly £1 fee to keep contact and supervision, will stay the same for however long you need our checks, our alerts and regular monitoring.

The role the stabilisation phase plays in the Dukan method

This is the last phase of the original Dukan method, and also in the Nutritional Staircase programme. Its purpose is to maintain the minimum of restrictions for maximum stability of the True Weight you've achieved. Although you can eat freely again, this is subject to following just three rules. They have been pared right down which means they are no longer negotiable and you must follow them in their entirety:

1- Eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran every day, for the rest of your life
2- Keep one day a week that is purely protein: your PP Thursday that protects the other 6 days
3- Walk for 20 minutes every day and use the stairs instead of lifts and escalators

To manage your weight from day to day in the stabilisation phase, remember the slimming aids in our Dukan shop.

Stabilisation coaching

Whether you chose the original coaching or the Nutritional Staircasestabilisation is an integral part of the Dukan method, after the consolidation phase and therefore right until your coaching finishes. 
Some of you feel able to cope on your own when it comes to sticking to the stabilisation phase's 3 golden rules. However, we'd advise everyone to remain connected with us. To make this easy, we are offering you support at the token fee of £1 per week. Our statistics prove that for this crucial stabilisation phase, our unique service greatly improves results over the long term. This monitoring includes many services such as our unique constant weight review which reacts whenever any weight goes back on with a series of flexible responses adapted to how much you've regained.

We'll help you get there and turn your victory into lifelong success. Sign up for our stabilisation phase support at the token price of £1 a week.


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