Exercise on the Go

An invaluable secret: change the way you look at exercise!

After 10,000 years of evolution where progress has been constantly pushing us forward, everything these days is promoting the idea that physical exertion is our enemy...

Physical effort is considered by some people to be hard work, a nuisance, a burden and something to be avoided at all costs. Start thinking of it the other way. Look at each movement not as being a burden or a waste of time but instead an opportunity to control your weight, protect your health and improve your well-being. If a neighbor is struggling with carrying a bag or a suitcase, run to their rescue instead of looking away. You've forgotten your keys upstairs? Don't get in a huff--use your body for what it was made for and get its 723 muscles working. If something falls on the ground-- be the first to pick it up. If your elevator has broken down--don't moan and groan -- walk up the stairs and note that some people pay good money for step classes at the gym. There is one thing you must remember – exercise is great for your health, so get moving!