Protein for Weight Loss

See yourself as a hunter gatherer

Did you know that the first modern men, the Homo sapiens from the Dordogne region who lived around 40,000 years BC had the same genetic programming as us?

So, a Neanderthal baby adopted today by a Western family would become a perfect Westerner. When the Homo sapiens lived, the men hunted and the women gathered. In groups, the men hunted animals for their protein. Women gathered whatever they could find, green vegetables, some fruit and any wild seeds that the birds had overlooked. Proteins and vegetables which are the components in my slimming program are therefore not a nutritional or emotional punishment. They are the very foods that we are most familiar with, both as far as our metabolism is concerned (proteins being the only vital nutrient) as well as emotionally. It should also be noted that all the vitamins present in fruit are also found in vegetables. But the real similarity is to be found in the statement accompanying the foods you are allowed to eat: YOU CAN HAVE UNLIMITED AMOUNTS. Primitive man was only restricted by external necessity or satiety, but never put any limit on what he ate. Therefore each day you diet, when you are eating some fish, meat or poultry, see yourself as a hunter who has caught his prey and especially if you are a woman as a gatherer exchanging her vegetables for this meat. Remember this and be aware that feeding yourself and making love are the events in life that leave the greatest impression on the human brain (this has been verified by Pet-Scan (positron emission tomography)).