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A secret for the table: Putting your name on your knife!

Owner's instinct? No. But your knife has a purpose, to slice!

We are going to have to teach you to sharpen the blade--why? So that you can make use of the secret that I'm going to tell you. Equipped with your knife, get into the habit of slicing your meat as thinly as possible. Aim to cut down the thickness of your slices so that this work takes some time and doesn't leave you inactive. Lots of people eat because they are bored and aren't able to sit at the table without doing something. Moreover, the thinner your meat is sliced, the more the flavors will develop, the more it will absorb your saliva, and the more it will release taste sensations in your mouth. The pleasure of eating is produced and captured from contact with the tongue and the rear of the palate. This secret is all the more valuable if the food is firm and not easily broken down. What holds for beef or steak is equally true for tuna, monkfish and other firm fish. The same is true for raw vegetables. Actually you can slice anything that your teeth have to really work on. To do this you'll need a knife with a sharp cutting edge. This knife needs to be yours and yours only. This is why you have to mark it as you must be able to recognize it!