Meat Alternatives

Four “meaty-like” fish alternatives

The satiating splendor of the sea...

People say it, and it's true--fish is not as filling as meat. The texture of most fish is less dense and their flesh less firm, so it breaks down more easily as you chew it. We digest it quicker and feel less satiated so hunger returns sooner. Compared with meats that have a very tough texture, fish doesn't measure up. For those that think this way, they can compensate by increasing the size of their fish portions. You can also choose from "meaty-like” fish and there are four of them:
1. Tuna, which when it hasn't been cooked too long is remarkably like meat, especially grilled Ahi tuna.
2. Monkfish which is extremely firm, even elastic if cooked for a long time — marinate it in lemon juice.
3. Swordfish which is both firm and fatty around the outside. If it wasn’t for its expensive price tag, it would be one of the number one foods for slimming.
4. Grouper, this is the king of fish, and can be grilled on a BBQ.