Importance of Physical Activity

You want to lose weight? Carry your grocery bags!

Let everyone around you know -- broadcast it to your neighbors. You'll feel compelled to do it...

Tell yourself "I am taking responsibility for my body-- I am making use of it again and giving it a reason to live.” Don't forget that your body is a part of yourself--the part which experiences, which feels, which suffers or finds fulfillment. Don't expect to find total happiness until you achieve a healthy body and a stable weight. So don't give up and rely on technology to take over! Technology is there to make your life appear easier--when in reality it makes you lazy and dependent on gadgets that don't give you anything back but which you completely depend on. It's not about going back to the Stone Age but about being aware of all these ways that technology makes you less active. Be happy and carry your grocery bags with a cheerful smile!