Weight Loss Secrets

Be in control of your palate!

Here's a simple secret which could benefit you, especially if you are a big eater or eat quickly.

Open your mouth wide and with the tip of your forefinger, touch the inside surface of your upper incisors and go up towards the base of these two teeth: there you are, at the edge of your palate. Its concave side starts here and finishes right at the back with the uvula.

The first front third of your palate is turned on by a nerve that has no tasting function. In this area, you make contact with the food and feel its texture but not its flavor. At the end of this area, the back part starts whose function is to echo the tongue and produce taste sensations.

To be clear, it is important for any food in the mouth to stay on this back part of the palate. However, when the food gets here, it is naturally sucked away by the pharynx then passes into the esophagus.

Conclusion – it passes through too quickly to provide you with what you are looking for from food, namely pleasure. Here's the secret: when you are eating, as soon as the food has been sufficiently chewed and soaked with saliva and starts to give out taste and flavor, use your tongue to pass it back onto the back of your palate while trying to make this contact time last as long as possible.

This balancing exercise can be learned and followed. When you feel that the food is going to disappear, bring it back towards the front and enjoy a second passage. This way you'll increase your sensory satisfaction.

If you are not sure what I'm telling you, try the following experiment:

  • Swallow a coffee bean just as it is – zero sensation.
  • Now chew it up finely – total sensation.

It's the same for any food. So don't forget: become the master of your palate!

My advice is to take the time to savour each bite of food you consume and discover the multiple pleasures that can come by chewing your food thoroughly. 

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