Purslane Health Benefits

Purslane - a great secret


Considered a weed for a long time, purslane is packed with nutrients.

You've finished your Attack Phase so here you are in the Cruise phase where you are allowed vegetables. Now the moment has come for you to discover purslane. Purslane is a perennial plant, considered for a long time to be a weed that would grow anywhere. Until the day when it was discovered that it was one of the key, indispensable foods in the diet of the people of Crete, a civilization with the lowest death rate due to heart disease (lower even than the Japanese). As far as I am concerned, and I'll say this quite openly, purslane is a phenomenal food. Not only do I suggest that you eat it but that you grow it too. Buy a few seeds from a local nursery and off you go. Very soon you'll have enough to make a salad. You just have to keep cutting it and it'll grow back. You can also try it in soups like watercress. Purslane contains soluble fibers just like oat bran and apple pectin and can therefore help your body absorb excess calories. It's very rich in omega 3, excellent for fighting stress and promoting good sleep and because of this it cuts down on emotional eating due to stress. If from today on, you get into the habit of eating it regularly, you can expect to reach a slimmer figure!