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Contenu UK - Edito Juillet 2014

Pierre Dukan's editorial

Pierre Dukan's editorial

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Each month discover Pierre Dukan’s editorial, with nutrition advice and tips to lose weight, that will help you to stay on track with your diet.

Holiday Weight Gain: Nip it in the Bud! 

Konjac Dukan

Summer holidays are the perfect time to enjoy sunshine, relaxation, and long moments lounging in your swimwear, but they are also a time where gaining weight can also be on the programme.  

Normally, photos or home movies from these moments can be the wakeup call: months of denial where suddenly a desire to eliminate all of that extra weight that you have been carrying comes up and takes over. 

Perhaps your holiday has given you an unexpected motivation to start this new weight loss project. Fortunately, any weight quickly gained can also be quickly lost. 

It is therefore important that your weight loss plan is an effective one: that the first results are exciting and quick, that hunger urges are quelled and that pleasure does not become frustration. 

What is of upmost importance is that you have a daily plan, one that is easy to follow and that you can have the support you need to reach your True Weight. 

All of this is a very small part of the Dukan method and the Dukan coaching programme. In the perpetual battle against weight gain, we can help you, guide you, mentor you and bring you the ultimate success of achieving your weight loss goals. 

The time is now to join our online coaching programme to ensure sustainable and successful weight loss.

Pierre Dukan, nutritionist