Weight Loss Metabolism

Get your metabolism moving again!

There is a world of difference between a little exercise and none at all....

Recent studies have proved that among those people who are very inactive, there was a fundamental difference between carrying out simple normal and useful human activities and being totally sedentary. Walking to get to the nearest bus stop or subway, doing some shopping by walking to the local shops, taking your kids for a walk, bringing them back home from school, doing a little house work is enough to prevent muscular function from dying out. It's like the difference between a car that has stopped with its engine still ticking and another car whose engine has been switched off. The difference is even more marked when you are dieting because your body starts to operate in economy mode and in this case if you are totally sedentary you will be burning up practically nothing. For those who are very sedentary, twenty minutes of walking per day is enough to rev up your metabolism and get you ready to lose weight!