Ways to Reduce Water Retention

Retention or support?

If you are among women who have trouble putting on and taking off their rings, whose legs are heavy in the evenings and whose face feels puffy in the mornings – then you have water retention!

Interestingly, water retention prevents you from losing weight easily. However, water doesn't contain any calories. Losing weight is about burning calories and getting rid of your body’s waste. If you have water retention, you don't eliminate waste properly and it will slow down your weight loss. Try blocking a car's exhaust pipe when its engine is running -- very shortly, it will stop. If this is a problem you have, there are a few solutions you can act upon. Drinking more sometimes means more retention. So called detox food supplements only help you eliminate a little and only if you keep using them. There are also diuretics which you need to see your doctor about. My secret is quite simple: when you feel swollen, don't hesitate to try some support stockings. Not the old fashioned ones that your grandmother used to wear, but the very latest models -- indistinguishable from the most fashionable tights and panty hose. Legs that are properly supported with firm and elastic support improve circulation which then gets back to the heart sooner and passes quicker and more often through the kidneys filter. If your circulation is bad, the benefit will be twofold. You'll see the results on your scale and in your legs which will be the first to slim down. Try it and go walking -- you'll see!