Trampoline for Weight Loss

An overlooked secret: the trampoline

Taut canvas material, soft on the feet... the trampoline is a symbol of bouncing back.

First of all a word of warning: a trampoline requires sufficient space, not for the surface but for enough space above your head to jump. It is therefore ideal for those of you who have a small patio area or high ceilings. If you are one of these lucky people, then try out a trampoline. The trampoline uses your weight to take over some of your physical effort. What's even better, it's you who decides how much effort to put in. The more you push to extend your thighs, the higher you jump up and the lower you come down--the better use you'll make of the trampoline's elasticity. The trampoline is about having fun. Even more so if you do it in front of a mirror. Watching yourself jump up and down is half the fun. Give it a go!