Eye Exercises for Food Trauma

The Yogi's secret

Pay Attention: The following is a secret outside the norm; it is on the verge of magical...

I have to share something with you, now that I am firmly convinced that this may be of some help. Like many people, I’ve read The Emotional Healing, a best seller by Dr. David Servan-Schreiber. In this book, he covers the basics and the technical explanatory principles that have always interested me. It is about EMDR (neuro-emotional integration by means of eye movement). In other words: Traumatic events can leave scars in our mind and EMDR has the capacity to seep in and naturally heal the brain. It seems that the cerebrum can accelerate the recovery by imitating the reflection movement that the eyes produce when one sleeps. The technique generally used for severe trauma, has been adapted for my patients that suffer a traumatic relationship with food. It is very simple: you only have to focus on the following technique when you are suffering and try to resist temptation. Raise your dominant index finger, depending on whether you are right or left handed, placing it in front of you some 12 inches from your eyes. Fix your stare on your finger and move it slowly to your right, following it with your eyes. When your gaze reaches the lateral end, move it towards your left, to the other lateral end of your gaze. Repeat the eye scan exercise from one point to the other without stopping for two minutes. The rhythm is simple: more or less 3 seconds for each end, or 6 seconds per set, and 20 sets for the duration of two minutes. While you are completing the exercise concentrate on temptation and find the capacity to liberate yourself from it. I have suggested this technique to many patients that suffer a negative relationship with their own weight, bodies, self-image, and their dependency to food, especially in this stage when temptation is most intense when one is at the point of losing control. I have obtained excellent and surprising results. It is unknown how much of the results are due to the technique or the suggestion, but the only important thing is the end result. Therefore, I truly recommend you try it.