Foods to Avoid for Weight Loss

In my diet, fruit is allowed in Consolidation, once you have reached your True Weight.

In grocery stores, I have counted about 45 common fruits-- which mean that there is a wide variety of fruits that come from all over the world.

Of these 45 fruits, try to avoid four of them: 1. Bananas, which are both high in sugar and a poor source of vitamins and micronutrients. 2. Grapes which are super sugary. 3. Cherries, almost as sugary and which we eat quickly like grapes as they don't require much effort to chew. 4. Figs, once hard to find in a grocery store but they are now produced in Turkey and exported. Obviously, these 4 fruits are not prohibited for life but be aware that if you are trying to control your weight there are many other fruits far more suitable.