Build Fat Burning Muscles

Work hard at developing your muscles and create a whole group of fat burning muscles!

Your muscles and your brain are the two organs you can use to purposely lose weight -- the only ones used to burn calories.

A muscle that works against maximum resistance uses up an enormous amount of energy -- when it stops working, it continues to burn calories. Less than when exercising but even throughout the day and then while you are sleeping your body is still burning calories from that workout. This activity goes on for 60 hours (i.e. two and a half days). Then it comes to a halt and nothing more happens-- if you don’t want it to come to a halt--exercise for 10 minutes--just 3 times a week but make it intense. Moreover, get as many muscles and muscle groups involved as possible, by encouraging those muscles that never do any work to become part of your arsenal of calorie burners. Shoulders, arms, legs, glutes, abdominals, back muscles, calves and the vertebrae extensor muscles that make you tall. You only need a minute per muscle but with maximum intensity so that you get them working for another 60 hours. So get exercising!