Exercise for Weight Loss

A secret so you don't become tired of exercise--spread it throughout the day!

A study of young overweight women that was carried out recently has shown that those who scheduled exercise into their daily lives lost more weight...

They lose more easily and permanently than those women who do all their physical exercise at one given time. Four short separate seven minute sessions are better than 30 minutes in one stretch. It is easier to fit short exercises into a working woman's day than a session at the gym, especially if the day involves some travelling. Also, by spreading your exercises out over the day this allows you to vary and keep track of them and still have desire to exercise. Start when you wake up with 1.5 minutes of work on your abdominals and 1.5 minutes on your glutes muscle -- do this while still in bed and then the same when you go to bed and it adds up to 6 minutes. Three minutes’ walk to get the bus, go to the station or take the subway and another 3 minutes to go home and that's 6 more minutes. When it’s lunch time, take a walk in whatever direction for 4 minutes and come back. There's another 8 minutes you can definitely add on. You end up with 20 minutes of exercise added into your day without any effort. But this was just an example. Let your imagination get to work and try brushing your teeth while you walk around or stand up when you are on the bus, go up your stairs 4 times a day, or make up little exercise segments. Spread your exercises throughout the day and you'll be done exercising before you know it!