Cold Water to Lose Weight

To help you lose weight, have a cold drink!

If you put a natural mineral water bottle in the fridge and drink 2 liters from it this water will be at a temperature of 39.2°F. When you eliminate it, it has to be at 96.8°F. This means that your body will have heated the water and raised its temperature, which means expending 60 calories. If you want to prove this to yourself with a specific example and you have an electric stove, put this amount of cold water into a pan on top of your stove and switch on the heat. With a kitchen thermometer check the temperature of the water as it rises. Note how long it takes to reach 98.6°F and the electricity consumed. To understand how much energy 2 liters makes you burn up, all you need do is multiply the energy output of your electrical resistance (written in watts on the stove top) by the number of minutes required. Check this out once and you'll be convinced for life. For those of you with a gas stove the experiment is a little trickier-- trust me and your body will thank you for it!