Bend Your Legs for Weight Loss

The Slimming Reflex Action!

Bend your legs and lose a couple of pounds per year!

When you pick something up off the ground, don't bend your back with straight legs, do the very opposite: bend your legs. Think of a pen that falls to the floor, a glass that smashes into pieces on the ground. How many times a day do you end up bending down to pick things up? Bending your legs, meaning bending your knees until your glutes touch your heels while you keep your chest upright requires a lot of effort and can also be a good indicator of your physical condition. Did you know that after 70 years, one person in two who lies down on the ground cannot get up on their own? Being overweight considerably accentuates this handicap. Did you know that if you always pick things up by bending your legs instead of leaning over, this can make you burn 8,000 calories per year- you could lose a couple of pounds. I haven't even mentioned the benefit for your lumbar spine, such a common source of back pain and sciatica. So don't forget to bend your legs when you bend down!