Anti Sagging Exercises

A Firm Face secret: the anti-sagging exercise

Lift up the lower part of the face by tensing the muscles in the mouth and cheeks.

After the age of 40, losing weight, more than 10 pounds, carries the risk of reducing the thickness of the subcutaneous support structure which supports the face's skin. This skin that lies over a base of bone and muscle is held in place by tiny, thin bonds that cross the intermediary layer of fat. Losing weight may empty these areas of padding and take away the smoothness of the face. As a result, the lower part of the face is more subject to the effects of gravity and it loosens. To counteract this, I have devised a lifting movement through tensing the mouth and cheek muscles that you should practice as often as possible. Place your lips in a "pout" and keep this posture. Then contract your cheeks muscles so that your lips are drawn backwards creating tension between the muscles in your mouth and those in your cheeks as they are each pulling in their direction. This tension between the muscles lifts the cheeks upwards mechanically to form really round cheekbones--drawing the whole of the lower face up towards them. Maintain this position until you feel your muscles grow tired. Keep practicing this often.