• Can I cook with alcohol on the Dukan Diet?

    You can use it to cook (and not drink) with because when heated, the alcohol will evaporate.
  • I'm lapsing on my diet, what to do?

    Summer time, like every year, brings the opportunity to enjoy the long weekends and with them many opportunities to indulge in BBQs, outdoor parties and picnics. 

    I understand that these numerous occasions, as enjoyable as they are, are risks for you to succumb to temptation. 

    There are two major findings, first, you have made a lapse that made you regain the weight and the second you feel guilty and this lapse created an urge to eat certain foods that may have been forgotten while you were dieting. 

    If you are following the diet, the impact will be a little more important and you must be careful not to lapse during the week. 

    Regarding alcohol you can consume an alcoholic drink during your celebration meal.   

    If you can, try to anticipate eating a hearty meal in order to be less hungry at mealtimes. Some good suggestions include flavourful cheeses which can be satiating / filling. 

    You can offer your friends to bring an appetizer salad by providing surimi or peeled shrimp dressed in Dukan mayonnaise. 

    In addition to anticipating the excess you will have to think about the response by practicing cardiovascular activity like jogging the next day. Jogging 40 minutes is ideal to compensate for excess. 

    Above all, do not feel guilty, it is useless, it increases stress and this is not good for the diet.

  • I have high cholesterol and/or triglyceride levels. Can I sign up for coaching?

    The Dukan coaching programme will help you improve your cholesterol and triglyceride levels because the diet does not call for additional animal-sourced fats. Instead, it limits protein consumption to an (all-you-can-eat) list of 100 lean sources, including oily fish rich in Omega-3 acids which help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol levels.
    Daily exercise also helps regulate cholesterol. Cutting out added sugar and alcohol will help you improve your triglyceride levels.

  • How can the Dukan Diet help me get rid of cellulite?

    No weight loss programme can eliminate cellulite but high-protein ones are water-repellent and flush water from the body. This type of diet, which cuts out alcohol and cooked oils, also includes the least amount of toxins. The Dukan Diet is an example.  Cellulite is hereditary and caused by an increased sensitivity to oestrogen. If your cellulite is the result of an oestrogen sensitivity, talk to your gynaecologist about reducing your oestrogen levels if necessary. Aside from surgery and liposuction, the only viable medical solution is mesotherapy in combination with the diet. One truly effective plant is the Centella Asiatica, no doubt the only substance which works well enough locally to reduce thigh and knee volume irrespectively of weight. Ultimately, the best way to treat cellulite is to prevent it. Follow these two rules: avoid weight gain the week before your period begins, since this weight is likely to become cellulite, and, above all, engage in regular exercise.

  • Can I drink alcohol while on the Dukan Diet?

    Alcohol is not allowed until the Consolidation Phase.
  • Can a have an occasional drink while on the diet?

    Alcohol is not allowed during the weight-loss focused attack and cruise phases of the Dukan Diet, as a small quantity contains a high amount of empty calories. Once you have reached your True Weight, you can drink one unit of alcohol as part of a celebration meal in the consolidation phase. Stick to your guns and try something on the approved beverage list.

  • What beverages are allowed as part of the diet?

    Anything that doesn’t contain sugar or alcohol, including still and sparkling water, tea, herbal and fruit teas, coffee and diet soft drinks that contain less than 1 calorie per 7 oz serving.