Brigit's Spiced Bread.

2tbs wheat bran
4tbs oatbran
2tbs sweetener
2tbs skimmed milk powder
1tbs cornflower
11/2tsp of baking powder
2-3tsp spices ( cinnamon and ginger

Mix dry ingredients then add
2 beaten eggs
3tbs fromage frais

I also add 3tsp of coffee dissolved in a little water.

Mix thoroughly and then, using a loose bottom 8-9 in. round tin, bake in oven at gas mark 6 for 30mins.

I use generous spoonfuls of everything. It rises beautifully and makes a tasty treat which is Dukan friendly.
Divide into 8 and freeze to keep it fresher though it will keep in the fridge on an air tight tin. Should be about 1tolerated per slice. Enjoy.