Brazilian Dukaners' Weight Loss Stories

Lucas Vassao lost 30kg on the Dukan Diet! 

His story: 

"Dr. Pierre Dukan’s diet appeared by chance in my life. My father is a person who has difficulty losing weight and has always tried several diets in life. One day he searched" I can not lose weight "and to his surprise, Dr. Dukan's book appeared. he decided to buy the book and read it quickly and he has achieved excellent results in a short time. 

He knew my obesity situation and told me about this book. I never dieted, but I was very overweight, and did not see any  other alternative. At first I thought it was too much excitement on his part and I was a little leery but after a while, I decided to read the book. I found Dr. Dukan's approach very interesting, because it does not promise miracles but provides a great tool at our disposal, namely depending t on our will! 

I decided to follow the diet and follow to the letter (as Dr. Dukan recommends in the book) and I got great results! In addition to healthy weight loss without feeling an ounce of hunger, I felt more ready, the increased self-esteem and people were impressed by the speed. So some of my friends decided to follow the diet and get great results! 

Today, 109 days after starting the diet, I've lost over 28.5 kg. I only need to reach my True weight of 84 kg (weight recommended by the website ).

Adriana A. lost 31kg on the Dukan Diet! 

Her story: 

"After meeting up with some high school friends that I had not seen in over 25 years, and I realized that the person they saw was not the person I wanted to be. I was huge and miserable.

A few days before on Facebook, a friend posted a recipe for a pudding and I asked: "A diet where  you can eat pudding? "My girlfriend told me that she was doing the diet and pudding was allowed. I then asked for more information she told me about the Dukan Diet and the Coaching services (I’ve been thanking her everyday since I started! I love you Ana Maria).

I started the diet and lost a little, I called my girlfriend to clarify my doubts then I joined the online coaching and facebook page which I am very proud to help moderate today . Nobody is happy to be obese and obesity is always accompanied by depression, bad mood, health issues ...

I always say, I thank God for helping me, but the Dukan diet has been essential in my life.

Initial weight: 93 kg Current Weight: 62 kg I 1.65 m and I lost 31 kg. I'm below that the table given by the official site. Happy, very happy! Thank you Pierre Dukan. "

Caroline Darc lost 16kg on the Dukan Diet!

Her story: 

"After trying different diets, I followed the Dukan Diet and lost 16 kg in three and a half months." Not only did I reach my True weight but I can maintain it as well," she said.

As a blogger, married and in her thirties, Caroline found her self-esteem, as she loves herself even more after losing the weight. : "Thank you Dr. Pierre for the development of this method really works I am one of thousands of living proof of that.".

The Dukan diet is divided into four phases, provides a fast, efficient and without feeling hungry plane until the right weight. Second, consolidation weight through nutrition education and long-term stabilization. For that, the integration of healthy lifestyle habits such as walking, eating oat bran, a fixed day per week proteins as well as drinking at least 2L of water to ensure success. 

Follow Dukan for the body and well-being that you deserve! 

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